A Little About Me

After growing up making all the sweets at every family gathering and holiday, I fell in love with desserts. I chose to attend the Culinary Arts program at Brigham Young University Idaho. After graduating I have worked at various jobs making cakes and other goodies. The most recent being the Pastry Chef for the Oxford University Club, Taylor Grocery Special Events Catering in Oxford, Mississippi, and now my mom's farm-Fiddlin Rooster Farm- in Water Valley, MS. I have many family recipes and several of my own that I enjoy making and would love to make them for you.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Some treats from the Little Red Hen Bakery!

I finally took some pictures of the items I have made in the bakery. I quickly grabbed my camera the other day and took a few pictures before anyone walked up. Unfortunately it's not everything. I keep forgetting to take pictures of stuff and then it sells before I can. So I will try to be better about it and I hope you enjoy the pictures below.
Crescents and Chocolate Crescents
These tarts are filled with the same caramel I use on my apples and then have a layer of chocolate ganache poured on top.
Good old fashioned Chocolate chip cookies!
These are the newest recipe we have been making. They are a type of oatmeal cookie that tastes nothing like an oatmeal cookie! They have chocolate, pecans, and craisens inside this soft cookie!
For Fall we have been making candy apples!
And Yummy caramel Apples with or without Oreo cookie crumbs!
What would fall be like without some Caramel popcorn?
The cutest thing I have been making in the bakery is the worm bucket! How cute is this! When you purchase them you get to keep the little bucket and enjoy the dirt dessert inside!
Well that's a few of the treats at Fiddlin' Rooster Farm, so come out and enjoy some yummy treats and Fall fun!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Mom's Farm!

I have been working for my mom for the past month at her farm. She opened a learning farm with a gift shop, corn maze, educational activities, and a bakery! So for the time being I have stoped working for Taylor grocery catering and have devoted my time to helping my mom on the farm. I have been so busy that I haven't taken any pictures or blogged about it until now. So I hope yall enjoy the new changes. Please check out the website and come visit us! http://fiddlinroosterfarm.com

This is the view from inside the pavilion looking at the general store entrance on the left and the bakery concession stand on the right.
Everything has a barn animal theme. The bakery is named after a classic children's book and was the inspiration for a lot of the colors for the bakery.

The cake display case with a few items in it. This was before I stocked it completely.
Morgan my son took the picture of my pecan pie.
Here is a look inside my new kitchen!
This was one of my customers buying some bread Saturday.
Since we opened in September we have gotten a few special orders for cakes and bread. This was a birthday cake my mom made. It is an Italian cream cake for a 98 year old's birthday!
I made sure to take my mom's picture too! She hasn't gotten to bake much since opening, but was able to sneak in for a little while to make this cake while I made bread.
Please come see the farm and keep us open!